Nastasia Village hotel  NAXOS


A minimal & elegant website for the Nastasia Village hotel in Naxos, Greece that highlights the hotel's architecture and philosophy.
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Nastasia Village hotel
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Featured in Behance - Dec 19th, 2019
Design: Loonatiks Design Crew

Nastasia Village Hotel is a small traditional hotel located in Naxos, Greece. It is built according to the inspired local architectural style and offers an elegant, relaxing, minimalistic ambiance.


The client needed a website that would highlight the hotel’s architecture, minimalism & philosophy, while providing all info for its visitors.

For this project we collaborated with Loonatiks Design Crew who created the hotel’s branding and the design for the home page of the site. The rest of the pages were designed by Lab21, along with the development of the website.

From our close collaboration emerged a design hybrid that we managed to turn into a well-structured hotel website that runs smoothly in all devices.


We built a robust CMS based on WordPress, customized to meet the project’s needs. As it is a fully dynamic website, it offers the freedom to the client to access all data and update the website contents at any time. The client can also manage the booking link and social media links.

The result is an optimized and responsive hotel website with minimal, relaxing vibes that offers all the information a visitor can ask for, along with a blog hosting a guide for the island.

Lab21 has a long experience in creating hotel websites, so we gathered ideas about the contents, sections and call-to-actions for each page to create wireframes.
Based on those contents, Loonatiks created the design for the home page and based on that design and the wireframes we desiged the rest of the pages.
We also developed both the front-end and the back-end part of the website that provides total freedom to our client to manage the site content at any time on his own.

Lab21 web development-Nastasia Village hotel
Lab21 web development-Nastasia Village hotel
Responsive design to fit in all devices
Lab21 web development-Nastasia Village hotel
Meaningful, subtle animations and interactions
Lab21 web development-Nastasia Village hotel
Lab21 web development-Nastasia Village hotel
Lab21 web development-Nastasia Village hotel


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