Archisearch is a blog that investigates, selects and presents projects that deal with various aspects of architecture and design throughout the world.
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Archisearch, Vasillios Bartzokas
This project has been awarded with:
Ermis Awards - 2018, Bronze Ermis Award
Design: Kommigraphics

Archisearch is a publishing website with articles by numerous contributors around various aspects of architecture and design throughout the world. Vassilios Bartzokas is the man behind this project, known for his involvement in several projects related to architecture.


The request was not simple: a design blog that focuses on photos and content, while featuring articles posted by several authors and guest authors, an events calendar, a job listing system with ability for people to post their CVs. There was also the need for many but subtle banners to avoid the distraction of the user.


We implemented the design taking into consideration the audience: architects & designers. Users visit the blog regularly and they need a clean site with minimal interactions and distractions.

A problem we had to solve was that the website already existed for some time so it already had many posts and comments by users. It was built on a custom CMS in a different environment than WordPress. We ended up creating an algorithm to pull all data for existing posts, articles, comments and content from the existing website and transfer all of them in the new website, inside ourĀ  WordPress installation.

We also built a custom banner management system as the client had specific requests about the banners that he would host, all from his own clients and collaborators. The client can set a banner through the WordPress environment by using a long list of options, such as its position, start & end date, number of clicks or views, assign to a specific post or set rules for its visibility throughout the pages. The system also produces reports regarding the impressions of each banner and notifies the client when a banner is about to expire.

We also built a system where job listings can be posted or individuals can upload their CVs and state their availability.

A very useful section of the site is the gallery inside each post. The user can select to see a slideshow of all the images inside a post, without having to scroll and read through all the text. This slideshow is created automatically, as it finds all the images inside the content of the post.

As always, the website is responsive and can be accessed through mobile phones, tablets and computers.


Lab21 Web Development Studio-Archisearch
Lab21 Web Development Studio-Archisearch
Posts have authors, comments and the ability for the user to only view the images from the content, thus avoiding reading long texts.
Lab21 Web Development Studio-Archisearch
Lab21 Web Development Studio-Archisearch
We build a robust banner system inside the WordPress admin area where the client can manage the banners he chooses to show and also get reports and notifications.
Lab21 Web Development Studio-Archisearch
We also built a section on the website where professionals can post job opportunities and individuals can either search through the custom autocomplete search bar or upload their CVs.
custom jobs system
jobs search
Lab21 Web Development Studio-Archisearch
Archisearch also features an events calendar where the user can see upcoming events or browse through the archive.
Lab21 Web Development Studio-Archisearch
Responsive views of the website
Lab21 Web Development Studio-Archisearch


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