WordPress is an open-source content management system, initially used to create blogs. The community and its popularity keeps growing strongly and so are its functionalities.

WordPress offers the ability to get heavily customized, thus offering an excellent ground to build websites.

The CMS (back end) is the part of the system that is not accessible to visitors, but only to the system administrators, who can use it in order to change the website’s texts and content. WordPress  is an intuitive and easy to use system that offers regular updates.

Lab21 has built a custom caching mechanism to increase the website optimization and achieve better speed for the users. The websites we develop are not only optimized but also offer the administrator the ability to update and manage everything on the site, even the smallest detail.

We do not use ready-made themes that can be found online and we try to use as less plugins as possible, all in favor of flexibility and website optimization.

We can create a blog, a full website, a portal, a publishing website, a web-based application, you name it!