Lab21 won the EBGE 2020 award!


I am extremely happy to win my first solo award in the Greek annual EBGE awards, for best self-promotional website.

I put a lot of thought and care building this website that above all, it had to be easy to find the information one needs and have a subtle element of surprise.

Lab21 the home page with the hidden animation at the background

The new LAb21 website is designed & developed with 2 main goals in mind: best performance, and easy navigation with clear information about our services & projects.

I wanted a more simplistic design with character and discreet elements of impression. In the course of brainstorming came the idea of ​​some fun elements on the website, hidden, that are activated depending on the user’s actions. This created a mini-game inside the website, a “lost treasure hunt” where the user is asked to find this information.

Lab21 blog: try clicking on the like button a few times

Don’t by shy! try clicking the like button a few times!

The site moves in shades of white and black mainly, with an emphasis on photos and clear call-to-action that guide the user. Through responsive design it offers a seamless experience on all devices, from desktop computers to smartphones.

Cheers, to more to come!