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Resources of the week No.4

1. Jelly torch

A beautiful pen that combines SVG for animation the calligraphy font and Canvas for the flame that can be moved just by draging it.

2. Cool #Canvas WEBGL interactive sock puppet demo

A cool demo featuring a green sock puppet that you can move around with your mouse.


3. Fun Times with CSS Counters – How to use counters with CSS

CSS counters are one of those “oh neat, didn’t know CSS could do that” features with a lot of interesting potential. In simple terms, they let you keep a running tally of things in CSS — no JavaScript needed.


4. Vivus, bringing your SVGs to life

Vivus is a little JavaScript class (little because it’s lightweight and has no dependencies) to make animating SVGs easy. Different animations are available, and you can even script the entire SVG to do whatever you want.


5. PHP class for creating images

A PHP script to manipulate images very easily. The perfect script to generate thumbnails. It can convert, resize and work on uploaded images in many ways, apply effects, add labels, watermarks and reflections and other image editing features.


6. Font Combinations

Simply select your font from the dropdown and find your match through one of the visual examples.


7. How to Harness the Power of Color Relationships

Choosing a powerful color palette for your designs can help tap into these natural reactions, and create graphics that are bold and powerful!

How to Harness the Power of Color Relationships

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