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Resources of the week No.3

1. AngularJS Tutorial: A Comprehensive 10,000 Word Guide

AngularJS promotes itself as a framework for enhancing HTML, it brings concepts from various programming languages, both JavaScript and server-side languages and makes HTML the dynamic language too. This means we get a fully data-driven approach to developing applications without needing to refresh Models, update the DOM and other time-consuming tasks such as browser bug fixes and inconsistencies. We focus on the data, and the data takes care of our HTML, leaving us to programming our application.

angular tutorial


2. SVG <use> and CSS Styling

Use your SVG symbol/image once and then reference to it via the <use> tag.
Then you can change the styling through CSS.



3. Datalists for Different Input Types

How to set custom values for an input field.

data lists


4. HTML5 Input Attributes

Browser support for new HTML5 input fields, attributes, elements. By clicking on any of them there is also an extended example.

html5 inout tyoes


5. Subtle Hover Effect Ideas

Two sets of pure CSS animations for inspiration!

hover ideas


6. Shape Blobbing in CSS

Let’s look at shapes that blob into each other! You know, that gooey squishy blobby effect like droplets of mercury on a surface.

shape blobbing



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